Free Tickets

Thanks to the generous contribution of the partners of the Exchange Summit, we are able to offer 100 participant tickets for free. These tickets are valid for the participation on both conference days of the Exchange Summit (travel/hotel not included). Please note that there is a handling fee for each approved free ticket of EUR / USD 100. Once we have approved your application you will receive an email with further information.
Your chances to get one of the free tickets are good if you fulfil these prerequisites:

  • You are working in an organisation with 250+ employees
  • Your organisation is rated as a typical sender or receiver of a high volume of invoices
  • You are having the authority to strongly influence the P2P process within your organisation
  • You never attended the Exchange Summit before

Applications from consulting companies or IT service providers (e.g. in the field of E-Invoicing, P2P, EDI) can not be considered!

If you do not fulfill these prerequisites, we will be happy to receive your regular registration here.

Apply now for a free ticket!