Good Reasons to Attend

Here are only some of the many good reasons why you should not miss to attend the E-Invoicing  Exchange Summit. See here how your peers recommend attending!

Great Expertise
Our speakers are recognized experts and decision makers from the industry, the scientific field and public authorities. During the Exchange Summit you can establish and maintain contact with stakeholders relevant to you. Take an opportunity to anticipate future trends in this dialogue and define what steps should be taken.

  Best Practices
Take inspiration from best practices in all of their diversity. Contributions at the Exchange Summit reflect the full diversity in the industry: from large multinational corporations to medium-sized businesses. Abstract specific elements of these best practices and find out which can be adapted to suit your needs.

  Perfect Networking
Your attendance at the Exchange Summit also serves as an important stimulus to expand your personal network. You build long-term valuable contacts that remain long after the event and, serving as a sparring partner, with whom you can have an exchange when you face future challenges. You won't be left out alone in the cold with your professional challenges – utilize ideas from like-minded colleagues.

  Save time
The time you spend at the Exchange Summit is perhaps the most valuable investment imaginable. Insight into the experience made in your community prevents you from taking long detours, avoids obstacles and recognizes potential mistakes early on. Take advantage of this insight in your daily work.

  Fantastic Atmosphere
The Exchange Summit brings together professionals from the industry, public authorities and service providers in a stimulating environment. Take advantage of the benefits of a relaxed atmosphere and mingle with like-minded professionals.