National Delegations

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+++ E-Invoicing Exchange Summit in Vienna on Sept 30 to Oct 02, 2019 +++

National Delegations at the Exchange Summit

The mission of the international congress Exchange Summit is to attract participants from all over the world in order for them to share experiences, ideas and opinions. We aim to spread the ideas of E-Invoicing and related topics all over the world.

Several national delegations with a significant number of participants represent their countries at the Exchange Summit. We support all national delegations lead by an Official Head of Delegation i.e. by organising a welcome reception for their delegation, offering special ticket packages etc.

Typically, the Official Heads of Delegations have strong influence in their countries. They are familiar with the mission, vision and outstanding role of the Exchange Summit and thus are ready to promote it in their countries successfully. The Official Heads of Delegations will be listed in the section "Official National Delegations", ensuring a broad attention.

If you want to apply or recommend someone else as Head of Delegation for your country, please write to:


Official Head of Finnish Delegation
Esko Penttinen, Aalto University School of Economics, Finland

To join the Official Finnish Delegation please contact:



Official Head of Mexican Delegation
Luis Sánchez, Indicium Solutions, Mexico

To join the Official Mexican Delegation please contact:


Official Head of Swedish Delegation
Anna Bjärkerud, Founder and Managing Director, EBG Network, Sweden

To join the Official Swedish Delegation please contact:


Official Head of Thai Delegation
Patricia Mongkhonvanit, Director of e-Tax Service Development and Administration Bureau, The Revenue Department, Bangkok, Thailand

To join the Official Thai Delegation please contact:


Official Head of Turkish Delegation
Melis Tosun Arslan, Head of Cash Management Solution Design & Implementation, TEB, Turkey
To join the Official Turkish Delegation please contact: