Review Exchange Summit Americas 2016, Orlando

With over 100 participants from many different countries the 1st edition of the Exchange Summit Americas has been a great and successful networking event. Experts and thought leaders discussed the latest trends in P2P automation. Participants had the chance to listen to E-Invoicing success stories from Adidas and Manpower and others and also got deep insights into the Australian approach to E-Invoicing and learned how E-Invoicing is driving financial inclusion in Latin America.

More important topics were the panel discussion on trends and challenges in public procurement, a new frontier for E-Invoicing and supply chain automation, how of E-Payments and E-Invoicing could become a match made in heaven, and what key developments in the landscape of standards and interoperability are underway.

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Agenda Exchange Summit Americas 2016

Monday, June 6th, 2016

6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Registration and Welcome Icebreaker Reception
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Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

Media and Analyst Briefing
Exclusively reserved for accredited representatives of media and analyst

Opening of the Exchange Summit Americas
Johannes von Mulert, Founder of the Exchange Summit & CEO, Vereon AG, Switzerland
Alexandra Bayer, Director Business Development & Strategic Partnerships, Vereon AG, Switzerland
Chair: Pieter Breyne, Director, PwC, Belgium

Trends in P2P Automation, Globalization & Global Supply Chain

E-Invoicing Study
The Supplier Challenge: Tips for a Broader Enablement
The Hackett’s Group’s research shows that despite the significant benefits of E- Invoicing platforms most companies still struggle with transitioning the majority of invoices away from manual processes. Many buyers struggle with the initial supplier onboarding process. For success, coordination is required among multiple stakeholder groups, both at the supplier and the purchasing company. This session will focus on the reasons behind this challenge and the practices leading organizations are using to drive higher levels of invoice automation. This session will also give a summary on the results/findings of the latest 2016 P2P Key Issues study.
Amy Fong, Senior Procurement Advisor, The Hackett Group, USA

Managing Risk in Your Procure to Pay (P2P) Process
• Roles & Responsibilities of Company Officials
• Case Study :The Procure to Pay (P2P) Process
• Risk Management: Why It Is Important and How to Approach It
• Industry Framework: What’s Out There and Selecting What Works For You
• Automating Your P2P Function and Mitigating Risk
Chris Doxey, President, Doxey Inc., USA

Networking Break in the Exhibition

Overcoming Challenges in Onboarding and Implementation

E-Invoicing: An Overview of Global Developments from a Tax and Legal Angle
• Global overview legislation in the field of e- invoicing and e-archiving
• How to achieve tax & legal compliance of your E-Invoicing solution
• The bigger picture: Link with e-auditing & increased exchange of information
Christoph Zenner, Head Global PwC E- Invoicing, Partner, PwC, Belgium

Case Study
Global E-Invoicing: A Case Study of B2B and B2G E-Invoicing
• Case Study Model
• Managing emerging challenges: Emerging standards and country specific B2G requirements,    Collections and A/R management controls
• Global E-Invoicing management
• Lessons learned & conclusions
Larry Galaviz, CEO, Sorvive Technologies Inc., USA

Lunch Break in the Exhibition

Stream A
Chair Pieter Breyne, Director, PwC, Belgium

Country Insight Mexico
E-Invoicing and E-Procurement at adidas
• Benefits
• Business process enhancement
• Changes in process management
• Logistics challenges
Estela Rangel, IT Director, adidas de México SA de CV, Mexico

Case Study
The Challenges for Manpower in the Digital Transformation
Manpower Group has 55,000 employees in the Mexico region. We process the payroll for all of them on a weekly and biweekly basis and there is no room for failure. At the same time we are reinventing and adjusting our systems and processes to be 100% digital. By 2017 we expect to have implemented a 100% digitalized onboard and contact system with our employees. Our first step in 2015 was to generate and deliver the payroll receipt / invoice for the employee paperless and then to be available on demand 7x24 wherever they are. Now they can reach us and their information using our App.
Dario Montes de Oca, Director of Technology and Systems, Manpower MeCA, Mexico

5 Ways E-Invoicing Can Boost AR Productivity - "The sending side"
Mikael Mangs, VP, Network Services, Basware Inc., USA


Stream B
Chair: Ken Holman, Co-Chairman OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) Technical Committee, Canada

Transforming 2016 Government Mandated Compliance into Tax Transparency and Cash Flow
• 2016 update on countries including Brazil, Mexico and Colombia
• Comparison of local solution approach versus regional platform
• Three automation techniques that can save more than 100K annually
• Using government standardization to drive supply chain finance initiatives in Latin America
• Five reasons why companies are turning to Compliance as a Service versus managing    in-house
Steve Sprague, VP of Product Strategy, Invoiceware International, USA

Country Insight Australia
Consolidated Tax Compliance in the Cloud
• Enterprises increasingly rely on cloud-based vendors of packaged business processes.
• Governments aggressively use e-invoicing legislation to close the colossal global VAT gap.
• How can enterprises consume tax expertise as a technology rather than a consulting service,    while reaping the benefits of cloud-based process automation?
• What is the impact of this paradigm shift for each of the different E-Invoicing compliance    models (e.g. LATAM, Russia, China) worldwide?
Christiaan van der Valk, President, TrustWeaver AB, Sweden

Australia - The Global Showcase For E-Invoicing, Evolution, Opportunities and what's next
John McAlister, Assistant Commissioner, Business Reporting and Registration, Australian Taxation Office, Australia

Country Insight Europe
E-Invoicing in the European Union- Progress is Accelerating
• State of the (European) Union
• The public policy dimension - who is pushing what?
• The new EU standard - status of the 'core' invoice
• A buoyant services landscape is growing
• What models are catching on?
Charles Bryant, Secretary General, EESPA, Belgium

Networking Break in the Exhibition

Trends & Challenges in Public Procurement

Panel Discussion
Public procurement - The New Frontier for E-Invoicing and Supply Chain Automation
With the ever changing regulation on E-Invoicing in public procurement and numerous initiatives at national level around the world, what are going to be the success factors and challenges in making these initiatives successful? What worked what did not? 
Javier Allard Taboada, Managing Director, AMITI, Mexico
Charles Bryant, Secretary General, EESPA, Brussels
Marcela Lacoste Troncoso, Leader of E-Invoicing Area in IT, Servicio de Impuestos Internos, Chile
John McAlister, Assistant Commissioner, Australian Taxation Office, Australia

Closing Remarks

Networking Dinner Event
Vereon invites you to enjoy dinner and refreshments in an informal atmosphere. Use this opportunity to intensify business contacts and grow your network.
Kindly supported by

Wednesday, June 8th, 2016


Stream A
Chair: Kenneth Bengtsson, Chair of the OASIS Business Document Exchange TC and Chair of the OASIS UBL Latin American Regional Subcommittee, Peru

Case Study Chile
Latin America Compliance 2.0, Supply Chain Finance
• How can electronic invoicing solution provider help in this era?
• How inclusive is this opportunity for all kinds and sizes of companies
• Level of maturity of the Latin American markets
• Real cases of companies taking advantage of this new kind of Compliance
Gosocket will share with the audience its real experience helping thousands of Suppliers and Buyers, in ten Latin American countries, to connect through their e- invoices exchange, and also helping Financial Entities to offer their services much more efficiently.
Mario Fernández, CEO, Gosocket, Chile

Competition vs Coopetition: A Perspective for Service Providers
• Regulations impacting service providers
• Communities of service providers
• Global vs regional vs local
• Service providers complementing ERPs (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, QAD, Legacy)
Luis Sánchez, President, Indicium Solutions, Mexico


Stream B
Chair: Bo Harald, Founder of the Real Time Economy Program, Chairman of the former EC Expert Group on E-Invoicing, Finland

Open Specifications Open Marketplaces!
• Defining electronic government procurement the wrong way impacts the Canadian and the US    governments
• The European Commission's market-proven approach is a testament of the right way
• A key distinction is the use of interoperable open specifications
• A key benefit is the spurring of open marketplaces meeting needs of many
• North American buyers' eyes need to be opened to see directions to steer away from    traditional approaches of treating suppliers
G. Ken Holman, Co-Chairman OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) Technical Committee, Canada

E-Payments, New Value Derivatives from E-Invoicing
E-Invoicing paves the way for e-payments, combining both can deliver a magnitude of opportunities for global businesses. Providing case studies to demonstrate how businesses like yours are unlocking value and realizing potential through combining invoice and payment networks you’ll discover how E-Payments are the natural partner to E-Invoicing.
Andrew Jesse, VP, Basware
Marie Aloisi, Vice President, MasterCard

Networking Break in the Exhibition

Break free of your traditional conference sessions in these presentation-free roundtables. Choose one of the following topics and gain  30 minutes of informal, peer-to-peer discussion facilitated by a leader in the field. No PowerPoint, just you and your biggest challenges addressed as a group, by the group.

The topics are:

- Compliance
- Supply Chain Financing
- P2P Automation


Country Insight Peru
How E-Invoicing is Driving Financial Inclusion in Latin America
• The Latin American invoicing model
• Supply Chain Finance and the SME barrier
• Invoice scoring: using transactional data to assess credit risks
• The electronic invoice as a tradable asset
• 4th generation trade finance: How open standards create transparency and reduce risks
Kenneth Bengtsson, Chair of the OASIS Business Document Exchange TC and Chair of the OASIS UBL Latin American Regional Subcommittee, Peru

Networking Lunch in the Exhibition

Snapchat of Working Capital
A combination of factors is now making the allocation of credit a “where and when you need it proposition”, without necessarily setting up expensive credit lines, signing receivable purchase or intercreditor agreements. David calls this the Snapchat of Working Capital. During his keynote session, he will provide an overview of how technology is disrupting the world of business credit and offer my hypotheses on what the winners and losers will look like in this fast changing ecosystem. As part of this discussion, he will provide a level set on a range of topics, from new technology building blocks (e.g., marketplace platforms, networks, blockchain, predictive analytics, etc.) to the shifting world of technology applications (e.g., eProcurement, E-Invoicing, Purchase-to-Pay, etc.). to new non bank intermediaries (e.g., Amazon Business, Greensill Capital, Institutional Investors).
David Gustin, President, Global Business Intelligence and Co-Founder, Trade Financing Matters, Canada

Real Time Economy, Standards & Interoperability

Panel Discussion
Standards: Creating the Interoperable Eco-System - How is the Landscape Developing and What Key Developments are Underway?
Kenneth Bengtsson, Chair of the OASIS Business Document Exchange TC and Chair of the OASIS UBL Latin American Regional Subcommittee, Peru
Eric E Cohen, Co-Founder of XBRL, USA
Bo Harald, Founder of the Real Time Economy Program, Chairman of the former EC Expert Group on E-Invoicing, Finland
G. Ken Holman, Co-Chairman OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) Technical Committee, Canada
Esa Tihilä, Chair, EESPA, Belgium

Networking Break in the Exhibition

Step by Step to Automated and Real Time Financial Administration.
• E-banking 3.0 needed for SME sector
• Same standard for e-invoicing and card payment receipts
• Model solution for automated real time accounting and cash flow estimates
• Automated lending processes and new level of risk mitigation
Bo Harald, Founder of the Real Time Economy Program, Chairman of the former EC Expert Group on E-Invoicing, Finland

Closing Remarks and End of Exchange Summit Americas.


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Industry Partners

ASG Software Solutions helps customers with complex IT environments solve problems across their entire enterprise. Its solutions empower businesses to achieve unprecedented productivity, gain an accurate and timely understanding of the information that underpins business decisions and address compliance needs with improved visibility of cross-platform data. ASG can proudly say that more than 70 percent of global Fortune 500 companies trust it to optimize their existing IT investments. ASG is a global provider of mission-critical technology solutions with more than 1,000 people supporting a global customer base across 4,000 midmarket and enterprise customers.


Basware is the global leader in providing networked purchase-to-pay solutions, e-invoicing and innovative financing services. Basware’s commerce and financing network connects businesses in over 100 countries and territories around the globe. As the largest open business network in the world, Basware provides scale and reach for organizations of all sizes, enabling them to grow their business and unlock value across their operations by simplifying and streamlining financial processes. Small and large companies around the world achieve significant cost savings, more flexible payment terms, greater efficiencies and closer relationships with their suppliers. Find out more at


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Gosocket is a B2b network that establishes and manages relationships between buyers and suppliers through the use of compliant electronic invoicing in Latin America. From this connections provides value added services with a focus in supply chain finance. Founded in 2012, connects with more that 500 million electronic invoices over 1 million companies throughout Latin America. Access is via a web portal, which can also be accessed through mobile devices either by their mobile web version or through native applications for your smartphone or tablet iOS, Android, Windows Phone or Windows 10.


As a worldwide and state-of-the-art EDI Managed Service Provider, INPOSIA applies its services across all branches and processes. Complex Just-in-Time delivery processes as well as business-critical finance transactions - all business and trading partners can be integrated sustainable and competently along the supply chain of the customers by INPOSIA’s portfolio. INPOSIA grows nationally as well as internationally, due to economic durable and profound business relations. With regard to the enormous importance of data security, INPOSIA carries out its services in highly secure, certified data processing service centres, located internationally and chosen by customer requirements.

Invoiceware International is the leader in Latin American electronic invoicing and fiscal reporting, providing solutions and services that reduce the risk and cost of maintaining compliance across the region for the world’s largest companies, including Philips, Kellogg, DuPont, Pfizer and Siemens. Its proprietary Compliance Network, a hybrid cloud platform, delivers financial and supply chain managers the regulatory processes that they need while eliminating ERP configurations and customizations for IT staff. A single connection to the network simplifies the mandates, implementation and ongoing change management associated with regulations in Latin America.


MasterCard, (NYSE: MA), is a technology company in the global payments industry. We operate the world's fastest payments processing network, connecting consumers, financial institutions, merchants, governments and businesses in more than 210 countries and territories. MasterCard's products and solutions make everyday activities - such as shopping, traveling, running a business and managing finances - easier, more secure and more efficient for everyone. Follow us on Twitter @MasterCardEU, join the discussion on the Conversations Blog and subscribe for the latest news.


OpusCapita digitizes and automates purchasing, invoice handling, payments, cash management and supplier financing. With 200 million electronic transactions processed annually, and 8.000 customers in 54 countries, we have the expertise to make buying and paying easier and more cost effective. You get end-to-end visibility, control and compliance of your spend and cash flow.

PageroPagero offers cloud based e-invoice and e-order services. We bring companies together digitally regardless of size, volume, location and ERP system. All services are performed on our platform Pagero Online – a global business network. Pagero Online cloud services support the complete P2P (buyer side) and O2C (supplier side) process. All our services are based on our concept Touchless processes™, where we analyse data and/or combinations of data to achieve our customers' goal of a process with minimum human involvement.

PaperlessPAPERLESS is the Latin America leader of electronic invoice solutions providing diversified and highly specialized services of creation, processing, management and custody of electronic documents for companies with standardized and large-scale documents. With more than 13 years of experience pioneering in retail and financial solutions, the company holds a strategic position in electronic invoices and electronic receipts in Latin America, processing over 3000 millions electronic documents yearly.

PwC's Global e-Invoicing and e-Archiving Network brings together process, technology, tax, legal and accounting experts making your e-Invoicing business case reality! For over 15 years now, PwC has been at the forefront of e-Invoicing and e-Archiving. PwC has laid down the cornerstones for both the first and second e-Invoicing Directive, is helping the European Commission with the implementation of the e-PRIOR project, and is involved in several e-Invoicing fora.

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Baypay Forum

The BayPay Forum, a Silicon Valley-based international network composed of over 10,000 payment and commerce executives, entrepreneurs and investors from thousands of different companies, serves as a forum to connect members in identifying and understanding the emerging trends and innovations in the industry.


The E-invoicing Platform (formerly known as EEI Platform) is the independent platform for professionals around electronic invoicing and invoice processing.



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