Review Exchange Summit Americas 2017

The second edition of the Exchange Summit Americas took place in Orlando on April 25-26, 2017. Participants from 23 nationalities came together to discuss the latest trends in E-Invoicing and Supply Chain Finance. They had the chance to listen to best in class E-Invoicing case studies, status updates by international regulatory authorities as well as the latest developments in compliance, technology and standardization.

At the first congress day several presentations gave an insight into the status quo and outlook of the different national E-Invoicing and digitization activities. Amongst others, Vinicius Pimentel de Freitas from the Inter American Center of Tax Administration (CIAT) described LATAM’s advanced E-Invoicing journey, Todd Albers of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis called to action to accelerate the adoption of E-Invoicing in the U.S. market and Peter Strong from the Council of Small Business Organizations shared Australia’s experiences with its successful E-Invoicing program.

How to maximize AP performance through automation, robotics and effective onboarding strategies were shared by top performers such as Lockheed Martin, Siemens and AIG. Another of the many highlights was the panel discussion on trends and challenges in public procurement where representatives from four continents spoke about their experiences and next steps.

The Exchange Summit also incorporated several round table discussions with lots of opportunities to share different views, discuss current projects, future trends and find answers to important questions.

The very positive feedback from all parties involved showed clearly the need for a dedicated platform to share best practices and ideas. The Exchange Summit Americas has established itself as a key event for the E-Invoicing community where all relevant topics are being covered. We will continue to support networking and information exchange in this fast-evolving market. Check out the Exchange Summit in October 2017 in Barcelona: and join our LinkedIn Group to keep the dialogue going:


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Agenda of the Exchange Summit Americas 2017

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Opening of the Exchange Summit Americas


P2P Study
P2P Top Performance: Today and in the Future
- What does top performance look like for the P2P end to end process
- What the shift to customer centricity will mean to P2P
- How today's technology is likely to evolve and converge to address the supplier onboarding    challenge
- The evolution of P2P software, as influenced by today's Robotic Process Automation (RPA)    options and the evolution to a digital model
- How millennials, the first generation of "digital natives" will reshape the corporate world and the    P2P process as we know it
Bryan DeGraw, Senior Director, Finance Advisory, The Hackett Group, USA

The "How-to" of Blockchain Adoption: Piece-Meal or Full Course
- How is Blockchain leading to a different type of cooperation and thinking about databases?
- What are the major movers and shakers in the Blockchain world I should know about? Featuring    top 10-12 Blockchain platforms being built on, and top Blockchain enablers/accelerators
- What are the moving parts of a Blockchain solution from a high level conceptual perspective,    wether it's E-Invoicing or Supply Chain Finance?
- The evolution of P2P software, as influenced by today's Robotic Process Automation (RPA)    options and the evolution to a digital model
- What are some practical principles or steps needed to assimilate and act upon the use of   Blockchain within the corporate sector?
Javier Paz, Senior Analyst, Aite Group, USA

Networking Break in the Exhibition


Insight LATAM
E-Invoicing as Leverage for a Digital Strategy - A Multi Country Approach in LATAM
Vinicius Pimentel de Freitas, Inter American Center of Tax Administrations CIAT, Brazil

Country Insight Australia
Australia the Global Show Case for E- Invoicing, Evolution, Opportunities and Next Steps
Peter Strong will discuss the importance of bringing a lot of businesses and government agencies into the process. The recognition of key activities and the potential barriers, the need to challenge ideology and laissez-faire economics, the importance of the software developers to the process and dealing with the big and small ‘P’ politics.
Peter Strong, CEO, Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia (COSBOA), Australia

Country Insight USA
US Adoption of E- Invoicing: Status Quo and Outlook
- Learn why the Federal Reserve is interested in E-Invoicing
- What are current challenges and opportunities of E-Invoicing in the U.S.
- Introduce the Business Payments Coalition, its body of work, and the efforts of the E-Invoicing    work group
- Call to action - how U.S. corporations, financial institutions, and service providers can be    involved with accelerating the adoption of E-Invoicing in the U.S. market
Todd M. Albers, Sr. Payments Consultant Payments, Standards and Outreach Group, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, USA

Lunch Break


Country Insight Mexico
E-Invoicing in Mexico: The Current Situation, Challenges on the Way and Future Outlook
Adrian Guarneros, General Administrator for Tax Payer Services, SAT,Mexico

Insight Europe
Europe as a Global Showcase for E-Invoicing: The PEPPOL Approach, Status and Best Practices
André Hoddevik will present the European approach to E-Invoicing; focusing on legislative and standardization efforts and utilization of the role of the public sector as a big buyer and market driver. He will address the development at the European level and offer insight into the success story of PEPPOL-based E-Invoicing in Norway.
André Hoddevik , Head of the E-procurement Unit in the Department for Public Procurement, Norwegian Agency for Public Management and eGovernment (Difi) and Secretary General of OpenPEPPOL AISBL, Norway

Country Insight Japan
E-Invoicing in Japan: Status, Experiences and Next Steps
Takashi Takahashi, Assistant Director, Technology and Innovation Division, The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, Japan
Hidekazu Enjo, UN/CEFACT, Japan

Ask the Expert: Room to Discuss Current Chances and Challenges with the Previous Speakers

Networking Break in the Exhibition


User Case Study
Optimizing E-Invoicing and the Siemens NAM Journey
- Siemens Electronic Invoicing Journey 2008-2016
- The vision for AP and E- Invoicing
- KPIs
- Implementation & onboarding strategies
- Results & lessons learned
- What’s next
Camille Hiltz, Manager, Accounts Payable/ICC Operations, Siemens, USA

User Case Study
Maximizing AP Performance Through Automation
- Utilizing E-Invoicing technology to drive excellence into your accounts payable organization    by lowering cost and increasing your value
- Transforming your AP landscape from transactional to analytical - less processing; more    analytics
- Improving customer centricity
- Utilizing robotics to take it to the next level
Brandi L. Crouch, Sr. Manager, Cash Management Solutions, EBS - Global Financial Services, Lockheed Martin Corporation, USA

Country Insight Peru
How E-Invoicing is Driving Financial Inclusion in Latin America
- Overview of the Latin American E-Invoicing model
- Strengths and weaknesses
- Opportunities and threats
- International standards vs. national specifications
- Lessons learned and lessons to learn from
Kenneth Bengtsson, Chair of the OASIS Business Document Exchange TC and Chair of the OASIS UBL Latin American Regional Subcommittee, Peru

E-Invoicing Expert User Panel: Best Practices & Lessons Learnt
Brandi L. Crouch, Lockheed Martin Corporation, USA
Kenneth Bengtsson, OASIS Business Document Exchange TC, OASIS UBL Latin American Regional Subcommittee, Peru
Camile Hiltz, Siemens, USA

Networking Break in the Exhibition


Panel Discussion
Public Procurement
With the ever changing regulation on E-Invoicing in public procurement and numerous initiatives at national level around the world, key success factors and obstacles in making these initiatives successful will be discussed.

Panelists amongst others:
Todd M. Albers, Sr. Payments Consultant Payments, Standards and Outreach Group, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, USA
Adrian Guarneros, General Administrator for Tax Payer Services, SAT, Mexico
André Hoddevik, Head of the E-Procurement Unit in the Department for Public Procurement, Norwegian Agency for Public Management and E-Government (Difi) and Secretary General of OpenPEPPOL AISBL, Norway
Peter Strong, CEO, Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia (COSBOA), Australia
Vinicius Pimentel de Freitas, Inter American Center of Tax Administrations CIAT , Brazil

End of Day 1

Networking Dinner
Vereon invites you to enjoy dinner and refreshments in an informal atmosphere. Use this opportunity to intensify your business contacts and grow your network!


Wednesday, April 26, 2017


How Tax Compliance in the Cloud will Disrupt (E-)Business
- Compulsory invoice 'clearance' and real-time reporting are disrupting digital supply chains -    and the trend is just starting
- How will these large-scale government eavesdropping systems affect enterprises?
- What are the differences among compliance approaches in LATAM, Russia, Europe and Asia?
- What's best practice for business process platforms to overcome challenges of diversity and    continuous change?
Christiaan van der Valk, Company President, Trustweaver, Belgium

Digitization of the Supply Chain in Oil and Gas
- Regional imbalance of E-Invoicing in Oil & Gas
- Materials and services procurement, the predominance of non-discrete services and the    effects on E-Invoicing
- Self-Match Invoicing, when and what to catalog, use cases and common practices
- Drilling a deep water well is easier than deploying E-Invoicing, slow adoption rates using open    standards
- Large companies reuquire big assurances, data protection, ownership and security first,    e-commerce next
- The rise of supplier driven integration, E-Invoicing benefits are there for the supplier, how to    remove the complexity with an Order to Cash model
- B2G, is this the end of industry standards?
Chris Welsh, CEO, OFS Portal, USA

Networking Break in the Exhibition


Case Study
How to Ensure Data Security for E- Invoicing
- Data risk awareness before E-Invoicing
- Establish E-Invoice capabilities vs. vendor solutions
- Good practices of procurment on E-Invoice projects for data loss prevention
- Testing data security before going live with E-Invoicing
Diego Escorza, AIG, Ecuador

Early E-Invoice Payment: Delivering Benefits to Buyers and Suppliers Alike
- Ways in which Electronic Invoicing resolves operational inefficiencies for both the corporates    and suppliers
- Leveraging early payment services (and the non-bank capital they offer) to enhance working    capital positions and finance expansion.
- How these technologies can improve overall supply chain relationships
Efthimis Gaitatzis, VP of Business Development Americas, Aztec Exchange, USA

Networking Break in the Exhibition

Break free of your traditional conference sessions in these presentation-free roundtables. Choose one of the following topics and gain 30 minutes of informal, peer-to-peer discussion facilitated by a leader in the field. No PowerPoint, just you and your biggest challenges addressed as a group, by the group.

P2P Automation
Supply Chain Finance
Standards & Interoperability


Digitization - Standards - Interoperability

Digital Transformation: The Digitalization of the TAX Ecosystem
Tyler Bryson, Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Operations, Microsoft, USA

Networking Lunch in the Exhibition

Status Update Universal Business Language (UBL)
- Overview of the UBL specification development process
- Governance of the specification and plans for the future
- Status of the current developments of the specification, moving from UBL 2.1 to UBL 2.2
- Status of the UBL 2.2 specification release
G. Ken Holman, Co-Chairman OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) Technical Committee, Canada

Making Electronic Invoicing Reliable Using 4-Cornered Networks
- What is a 4-cornered network
- 4-corners in practice: Real-world implementations and cases
- 2, 3 or 4 corners, what is the difference?
- Under the hood: Existing open standards for implementing 4-cornered networks
- UN/CEFACT and OASIS BDXR TC collaborative efforts for business document headers and envelopes
Kenneth Bengtsson, Chair of the OASIS Business Document Exchange TC and Chair of the OASIS UBL Latin American Regional Subcommittee, Peru

Networking and Refreshments in the Exhibition

End of the Exchange Summit Americas 2017



Industry Partners

Aztec is a leading payment company dedicated to streamlining global finance. With PayMe, the company’s flagship product, suppliers now have a low cost early payment solution in 2 clicks, and corporates can easily secure their supply-chain at minimal cost. It’s a win-win!

esdinamico solves customers complexities related to Invoicing, Supply Chain Financing and Management, and Payments Solutions. The company offers a variety of products and services which are easy tu use and simple to integrate to any ERP platform or e-commerce Website. Our in-house developed business solutions allow us to supply specialized support and day-to-day excellent customer service. We help companies to focus on their core, for this reason, more than six hundred world-class companies in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru trusts esdinamico.

As a worldwide and state-of-the-art EDI Managed Service Provider, INPOSIA applies its services across all branches and processes. Complex Just-in- Time delivery processes as well as business-critical finance transactions - all business and trading partners can be integrated sustainable and competently along the supply chain of the customers by INPOSIA’s portfolio. INPOSIA grows nationally as well as internationally, due to economic durable and profound business relations. With regard to the enormous importance of data security, INPOSIA carries out its services in highly secure, certified data processing service centres, located internationally and chosen by customer requirements.

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq MSFT) is the worldwide leader in software, services, devices and solutions that empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Today, we live in a mobile-first, cloud-first world. In the digital transformation era, Microsoft is helping customers and partners to:
-Engage your customers and all key stakeholders across your value chain and across your value networks
-Empower all employees and help them turn into digital heroes.
-Optimize and streamline even further your operations, including electronic invoicing.
-Transform your products and spur new business models as a results as a results of using technologies as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Headquartered in Houston, OFS Portal LLC is a group of globally diverse suppliers helping operators in the use of industry best practices when digitizing their supply chain, promoting cost-effective approaches in making eCommerce a reality for both suppliers and operators. Membership is open to any supplier in Oil & Gas. Current OFS Portal Members include: Baker Hughes, GE Oil & Gas, Halliburton, Schlumberger Oilfield Services, Select Energy Services, and Weatherford International.

OpenPEPPOL is a non-profit international association responsible for the governance and maintenance of the PEPPOL specifications that enable European businesses to easily deal electronically with any European public sector buyer in their procurement processes. PEPPOL is not an eProcurement platform but instead provides a set of technical specifications that can be implemented in existing eProcurement solutions and services to make them interoperable across Europe.

PAYBOX Cloud offers robust and secure Accounts Payable and Receivable platforms which seamlessly integrate with your company’s ERP system. Eliminating paper, manual processes, and customer/client invoice inaccuracies and the associated resolution costs, all while increasing working capital and customer satisfaction.
PAYBOX permits vendor/ customer self-registration, secure access, is configurable with robust analytics and reporting multiple enterprise customers currently experience the benefits of the PAYBOX Cloud with no up-front implementation/integration costs, and priced by the transaction so you only pay for what you use.

TrustWeaver provides a comprehensive Cloud-based compliance service for electronic invoicing and other legally critical documents for more than 55 countries. From a single technical interface and through our unique Compliance MapTM concept, more than 60 world-leading B2B integration brokerage vendors in our partner network automatically provide interoperable legal certainty to trading partners that use their solutions, regardless of changes in legislation. TrustWeaver’s unique blend of legal and technical components allows modern organizations to execute their ERP, workflow, archiving and B2B consolidation strategies with guaranteed respect for the multiple national and sectoral laws governing such transactions as well as their long-term retention and auditability. In business since 2001, TrustWeaver is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

Network Partners

The Inter-American Center of Tax Administrations (CIAT) supports the efforts of national governments by promoting the evolution, social acceptance and institutional strengthening of tax administrations, encouraging international cooperation and the exchange of experiences and best practices.We are a non-profit international public organization that provides specialized technical assistance for the modernization and strengthening of tax administrations. Founded in 1967, CIAT currently has 39 member countries and associate member countries from four continents: 31 countries of the Americas, 5 European countries, 2 African countries and 1 Asian country. Angola and India are associate members. Firmly committed to achieving measurable results, the values that we promote are integrity, transparency and ethics in an effort to prevent and combat all forms of tax fraud, evasion and avoidance and to facilitate voluntary compliance.

Media Partners

AméricaEconomía Media Group is the only publisher that reaches all of Latin America. Through its local and international editions the magazine brings the region’s most important business news to C-suite readers from Mexico to Tierra del Fuego.The readership of over 120,000 print readers is added to by the 1,5 million unique users that visit every month. AméricaEconomía also treats its audience to live events with three already confirmed for 2017.

The E-invoicing Platform (formerly known as EEI Platform) is the independent platform for professionals around electronic invoicing and invoice processing.

Global Banking & Finance Review is one of the world’s leading online and Print Magazine covering Global News, Videos, Analysis, Opinion, Reviews and Interviews from the world of Banking, Finance , Wealth Management, Trading, Business, Technology and much more. Read in over 200 different countries and ranked below 15,000 globally by Alexa across millions of websites. To find out more, visit us at

The Payments & Cards Network is dedicated to the Payments industry. Adding value to clients by offering innovative executive search, recruitment and RPO solutions to international clients. With offices in Cape Town, Hong Kong and Amsterdam, a global outlook and understanding of the payments landscape is in place to offer the best advice and service on the market. Call us with your specific needs today on +31 20 3030 257 and one of our consultants will be able to help quickly and efficiently.

The Paypers is the Netherlands-based leading independent source of news and intelligence for professionals in the global payment community. Our products are aimed at merchants, payment services providers, processors, financial institutions, start-ups, technology vendors and payment professionals and have a special focus on all major trends and developments in payments-related industries including online and mobile payments, online/mobile banking, cards, cross-border e-commerce, e-invoicing and SEPA. We are also keen on keeping our readership informed with regard to online fraud prevention innovations and the most significant trends in the e-identity space.


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