"A must-attend yearly appointment with the E-Invoicing community."

"Excellent - go on!"
- Ludovic Tessier, Proactis -

"The event concluded on the past, discussed todays topics, plus made an outlook on future topics (blockchain, working captial solutions, procurement in B2G)"
- Christoph Neumann, Proactis -

"Interesting and very informative. Good place to meet and greet."
- Henrik Möller, Inexchange -

"One of the best Exchange Summits I have been to."
- Britta Balden, Electronic German Link GmbH -

"Fantastic event, great program! Big thanks."
- Lucien Gimenez, DGFiP DVNi -

"Great event to get an overview of what is going on in E-Invoicing space and not just in Europe. Great to network with peers and meet vendors. Well organized."
- Annelies Colman, W.H. Brady N.V. -

"It was great to meet different people from the public and private area and to hear their opinions."
- Christian Biermann, Proactis -

"It was a pleasure to attend the Exchange Summit in Berlin and to share important insights from Member States' experience implementing the European standard on electronic invoicing."
- Isabel Maria da Rosa, DG GROW, European Commission -

"Exchange Summit provides a unique opportunity to understand the status of E-Invoicing globally and to glimpse the future. I recommend attending."
- Chris Hogg, Cumulo9 Limited, New Zealand -

"The Exchange Summit provides an excellent networking forum for remaining connected to developments in the electronic document exchange network and for collaborating with experts from around the world. It is inspiring."
- Tom Jones, LBMX Inc. Canada -

"Necessary for understanding the state of art of E-Invoice in the world."
- Marcela Lacoste, SII, Chile -

"A must-attend yearly appointment with the E-invoicing community and associations members."
- Cathrine Dupuy-Holdich -

"Exchange Summit provides a unique opportunity to understand the status of E-Invoicing globally and to glimpse the future. I recommend attending."
- Chris Hogg -

"Full to the brim with relevant topics and contributors and a very friendly environment to informally meet and discuss with subject matter experts."
- Declan McCormack -

"Excellent place to be for networking."
- Patrick Schuller -

"A great opportunity to share ideas and experience on E-Invoicing and related topics!"
- Sven-Karsten Treskatis -

"Extremely professional and informative."
- Albert Zahra -

"Many thanks for the really interesting conference and also the planned networking opportunities. The conference gave me good contacts and information to go ahead with my work."
- Rainer Olt, Market Integration Division / ERPB Secretariat, DG Market Infrastructure & Payments, European Central Bank -

"For me it was a honour to participate this such important event. See you in 2015!"
- Carlos Martinez, PEMEX -

"It was a great pleasure and opportunity for me to attend the Exchange Summit. Thanks to the entire Vereon-Team for organizing such a great event. Looking forward to having the chance to attend the next one!"
- Gözde Ütkür, Financial Intelligence and Financial Projects Manager, ITX Trading -

"It was indeed a very good seminar with a lot of networking opportunities."
- Bo Harald -

"Let me pass all my deep and sincere thanks to the entire Vereon-Team for the very informative and well-organized conference. The raised themes and speakers were very well-compiled and managed. The information and messages gave a whole picture of E-Invoicing in Europe and other parts of the world."

"I got some excellent insights in how this industry operates and where it is heading."
 -G. Dilles, MSC Belgium -

Testimonial Bruno Koch, Billentis

Testimonial Alis-Irena Riviere-Osipov
European Commission

Testimonial Sridhar Sundaram, SAP