E-Invoicing / E-Billing: Accelerator for Digitization

3rd Exchange Summit Americas
May 8 to 9, 2018 | Miami, FL, USA

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Agenda of the Exchange Summit Americas 2018

Monday, May 7, 2018

9.30 - 12.00
Workshop: E-Invoicing and the Blockchain
Kenneth Bengtsson - Co-chair of UBL Payments and Finance Subcommittee, Chair of the OASIS Business Document Exchange (BDXR) Technical Committee
G. Ken Holman - Chair of OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) Technical Committee, Advisor to BBILLER.com Supply chain on the Blockchain

Workshop Objectives
This interactive workshop takes a look at the blockchain and its implications for E-Invoicing. It will give a business overview of the blockchain and cover cryptographic techniques. The workshop leaders will use two real-life case studies to demonstrate applications and platforms.

In this workshop attendees will learn:
- a high-level business overview of the role of blockchain technology
- a high-level overview of cryptographic techniques useful on the blockchain
- a case study of a business validation application in the financial sector
- a case study of a general-purpose business transaction platform


2.00 – 5.00
Business Payments Coalition Meeting
The Business Payments Coalition E-Invoicing Work Group will convene preceding the main conference. Delegates of the Exchange Summit Americas are invited to attend the meeting free of charge. Please indicate your wish to attend in the registration form. For more information on the Business Payments Coalition check: www.exchange-summit.com/bpc

The Business Payments Coalition E-Invoicing Work Group will meet to review an assessment of and design principles for developing the set of policies, open standards and guidelines for an interoperability framework for the U.S.

This meeting will include the discussion of:
  • An assessment of the feasibility of developing and implementing an e-invoicing interoperability framework for the U.S. market
  • Key design principles for developing the set of policies, open standards and guidelines for an interoperability framework
  • Work streams needed to develop the requirements for the framework

6.00 - 9.00 Registration & Icebreaker Reception

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

8.30 Registration and Welcome Coffee

9.00 Opening of the Exchange Summit Americas

Digitization & Blockchain

9.15   P2P STUDY
Driving the Digital Transformation of Purchase-to-Pay
The Hackett Group views the acceleration of digital transformation as a critical enabler for breaking through the functional cost barrier that has existed for both world-class and non-world-class organizations, as well as a key driver for step-change effectiveness improvements. This session will look at what digital transformation means for purchase-to-pay based on key findings from The Hackett Group’s Purchase-to-Pay Performance Study.
• What does top performance look like for the P2P end to end process?
• What will the shift to customer centricity mean to P2P?
• How today‘s technology is likely to evolve and converge to address the supplier onboarding    challenge.
• The evolution of P2P software, as influenced by today‘s Robotic Process Automation (RPA)    options and the evolution to a digital model.
Bryan DeGraw, Senior Director, Finance Advisory, The Hackett Group, USA

Blockchain and Its Implications on E-Invoicing
• Moving from what blockchain is, to how to make it work
• Blockchain is not for banks only: what corporates want
• Which P2P and SCF processes can benefit most from blockchain-based applications?
• Blockchain is being investigated on how it can streamline current P2P and SCF processes: what    is the future holding?
Mario Fernandez, CEO, Gosocket, Chile

10.25 Networking Break and Exhibition

10.55   CASE STUDY
Nokia: Electronic Invoicing in a Multi-Country, Multi-Format, Multi-Digital Environment
• Fiscal & Legal: paperless as a worldwide concern
• Two different strategic approaches for paperless:
   Nokia (decentralized, localized) - Alcatel-Lucent (centralized, global)
• The Nokia answer: a worldwide multi-services platform
• Archiving compliance
• Nokia business case and achievements: countries, volumes, customer
Guillaume Hatt, IT, Order Management & Invoicing Team Lead, Nokia, France
Viviane Assis de Carvalho Morais, Nokia Networks – CIO Digital Core, IT Project Manager – Electronic Invoicing / Global Paperless, Nokia, Brazil

Global Best Practice

E-Invoicing in Australia & New Zealand
• Perspectives on E-Invoicing in Australia and New Zealand
• Realtime Payments in Australia
• Lessons learned - a whole of economy approach to E-Invoicing
Levine Naidoo, Former Program Delivery Lead on the Digital Business Council’s initiative & Managing Director – LXNDigital, Australia

12.05   USA
Moving the Market Forward with Selecting an E-Invoice Standard for the U.S.
The Business Payments Coalition released a catalog of electronic invoice technical standards and is now working towards developing a interoperability framework for increasing the exchange e-invoices. In this session, you will hear:
• Key findings from the Catalog of Electronic Invoice Technical Standards
• How the Federal Reserve is supporting the Business Payments Coalition
• Approach and roadmap the Business Payments Coalition is taking towards selecting an    E-Invoicing standard
Todd Albers, Sr. Payments Consultant Payments, Standards and Outreach Group, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, USA

12.40 Networking Lunch and Exhibition

Panel Discussion
Interoperability - From Local to Global: E-Invoicing Interoperability and Compliance

With the ever changing regulation on E-Invoicing and numerous initiatives at national level around the world, what are going to be the success factors and challenges in making these initiatives successful?
Todd Albers, Sr. Payments Consultant Payments, Standards and Outreach Group, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, USA
Kenneth Bengtsson, Chair of the OASIS UBL Latin American Regional Subcommittee, Peru
Charles Bryant, Secretary General, EESPA, Brussels
Andre Hoddevik, Secretary General, OpenPEPPOL, Norway
Vinicius Pimentel de Freitas, Head International E-Invoicing Coordination, Interamerican Center of Tax Administrations - CIAT, Panama

3.10 Networking Break and Exhibition

Stream A: Digitization & Robotic Process Automation

AP, E-Invoicing and Beyond
• What to consider when evaluating your AP department‘s health
• Metric reporting and how to use it
• Automation tools consideration
• Where does robotic process automation fit in?
Brian Anderson, Senior Manager, Accounts Payable, yahoo/Oath, USA

4.15 Short break

Digitization and Value Added Services
• Key learnings transitioning from the traditional model to E-Invoicing
• Frontline and back-office strategy
• Leverage opportunities to improve B2B processes (order-to-cash, procure-to-pay)
• Value-added services
• The evolution and digital strategy
Rodrigo Alvarez, IT Manager, Grupo Bimbo, Mexico


Stream B: E-Invoicing in LATAM

An Activities Panorama of E-Invoicing over the Americas
• National standards in Latin America
• What’s happening in Latin America: Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, and    beyond
Vinicius Pimentel de Freitas, Head International E-Invoicing Coordination, Interamerican Center of Tax Administrations - CIAT, Panama

4.15 Short break

E-Invoicing and Beyond: Evolution, Opportunities and Whats’s Next?
Speaker to be confirmed, SAT, Mexico

4.55 End of Day One

6.00 Dinner Event kindly supported by
All participants and speakers are invited to enjoy dinner and refreshments in an informal atmosphere. Use this opportunity to intensify your business contacts and grow your network.


Wednesday, May 9, 2018

8.30 Welcome Coffee

Stream A: Supply Chain Finance & Compliance

Amid Global Compliance Chaos, How Do You Keep Your E-Invoicing Processes Compliant?
Tax administrations everywhere are now mandating E-Invoicing‚ clearance to close massive VAT gaps. During this session, TrustWeaver will share cutting-edge analysis and predictions, and aim to answer questions such as:
• How are European and other countries outside LATAM implementing real-time or
   near-real- time invoice controls?
• What‘s really going on globally and what can you expect in the coming years?
• How can a company pragmatically keep up with requirements across all its current and new    markets?
• What's the status on global policy initiatives to coordinate the many different real-time VAT    control approaches?
Christiaan van der Valk, President, TrustWeaver, Sweden

Reaping the Rewards of Dynamic Discounting
• How to leverage cash for discount
• How does dynamic discount work?
• Potential hurdles
• Automation is the key
Joni Geurts, Manager, Accounts Payable, JetBlue Airways, USA


Stream B: Global Deployment, Supplier Onboarding: Challenges & Chances

Challenges Associated with Introducing E-Invoicing on a Global Scale
This presentation will include case studies which focus on topics related to end-to-end invoice management:
- Global process unification
- Multi-channel e-invoicing
- End-to-end process management in accounts payable
- Factors for effective partners on-boarding
Michal Kawulak, Business Solution Director, Comarch, Poland

The Challenge to Implement E-Invoicing in LATAM - Experiences from a Global Company
• E-Invoicing deployment based on different standards
• Think global – act local
• Using synergies to improve costs and maintain control
• Successful supplier onboarding
• Lessons learned
Iris Martinez, Technology Business Partner – Hispanoamerica
Pearson Educación de México, Mexico

10.10 Networking Break and Exhibition

Roundtable Session

Break free of traditional presentation sessions. Choose one of the following topics and gain 45 minutes of informal, peer-to-peer discussion and networking with other experts who understand the backgrounds and opportunities. Each session is facilitated by a moderator. No Powerpoint, no microphones, just you and your biggest challenges addressed as a group, by the group.

Standards & Interoperability

B2B Networks




Consolidation: Mergers and Acquisitions

Open Standards & Real Time Payments

PEPPOL, the Easy Way to Seamless E-Invoicing
This presentation will showcase how OpenPEPPOL has established an interoperability framework within Europe and beyond.
Andre Hoddevik, Secretary General, OpenPEPPOL, Norway

12.00 Networking Lunch and Exhibition

Open Standards for E-Invoicing - and Beyond
• OASIS UBL and OASIS BDX: the standards that move global e-invoicing
• E-Invoicing now and tomorrow
• 4-corner models or the blockchain?
• Exchanging business documents across borders and markets
• Beyond E-Invoicing: Payments, financing and automated processes
Kenneth Bengtsson, Chair of the OASIS UBL Latin American Regional Subcommittee, Peru

The Dawn of a New Era in Electronic Invoicing and Payments
• Legacy payment networks only support the payment process and the data doesn’t always get to    the receiver correctly and in the way they need it which has stalled electronic payment adoption
• Real-Time Payments (RTP) will change the way business gets done by enabling new functionality    like request for payment from the receivable‘s end and a response with a good funds, real-time    credit push from the payables end through a core payment infrastructure
Peter Davey, Vice President – Payment Innovation, The Clearing House, USA

E-Invoicing in the US ACH: NACHA’s Request for Payment
The US ACH Network is a vital payment network connecting thousands of banks, and millions of businesses and consumers, processing billions of payments worth over $40 trillion annually. New in 2018, businesses can now send electronic invoices to customers via the ACH Network and receive corresponding payments and remittance information for cash application. NACHA’s “Request For Payment” is a standardized ACH message that uses ISO20022 pain.013 and pain.14 invoice messages to provide debtors with detailed payment and remittance instructions. This session will focus on the business drivers and operational specifics of the Request for Payment.
Robert Unger, Senior Director Product Management and Strategic Initiatives, NACHA-The Electronic Payments Association, USA

3.00 End of Exchange Summit Americas 2018

Right after the conference a meeting on behalf of OpenPEPPOL will take place. Delegates of the Exchange Summit Americas are invited to attend the meeting free of charge. Please indicate your wish to attend in the registration form.

3.30 - 6.00
PEPPOL E-Invoicing as the Driver for Standardization of the Procurement Process
The following meeting will be showcasing:
- The nature of the 4-Corner Model and its impact on the market
- The value of the agreement framework and its ability to ensure compliance and    interoperability
- The collaboration model and alignment with legislation