Review Exchange Summit Miami 2019

The demand for global interoperability was the recurring theme of the E-Invoicing Exchange Summit in Miami. More than 100 delegates from more than 20 countries came together for two days to discuss the latest developments in E-Invoicing and the digitization of the P2P process. An introductory blockchain workshop as well as dedicated meetings by the E-Invoicing Working Group of the Business Payments Coalition and OpenPEPPOL complemented the agenda.

During the 2-day conference impressive success stories were presented both on a country level, for example by Mexico and Singapore, as well as on a corporate level by global leaders such as GE, Nokia and Procter & Gamble. One of many highlights of the E-Invoicing Exchange Summit in Miami was Enrico Camerinelli’s introductory keynote on trends and innovations of P2P and E-Invoicing. Within in his presentation Enrico raised the question if we will need an invoice as we know it today. The attendees were irresolute; in a quick poll 53% voted “Yes”. Another highlight was the panel discussion on global interoperability with representatives from the United States, LATAM, Europe, and Singapore. The panel reached a great consensus for the need to find a common understanding for global interoperability.

All in all the conference program offered a great variety of numerous case studies, delivering first-hand experiences, panels as well as interactive peer-to-peer round-table sessions. The very positive feedback from all parties proves the need for a dedicated platform to E-Invoicing for the Americas to share best practices and ideas. The E-Invoicing Exchange Summit is glad to take over this role and to establish itself as the key event for the community. We say thank you to all participants, speakers and partners that made the 4th edition of the Exchange Summit a huge success and look very much forward to seeing you next year, May 5-6 in Miami.

"Great event! Fantastic speakers with great expertise in their topics. These topics make the world of P2P and E-Invoicing very exciting! Thank you!" – Chris Doxey, Doxey Inc.

"Great space to connect with partners and potential clients." - Sergio Chaverri, Gosocket

"Valuable event, which helps us to connect and understand others and how to interact. E-Invoicing is here to stay, we need to make it better." - Alfredo Rivera, Procter & Gamble

"It was a diverse event where both service providers and users were able to share their experiences regarding E-Invoicing." - German Peguero, Edicom

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