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The first half of this year gave us the opportunity to run two very successful E-Invoicing events:

- Exchange Summit Americas in Miami, with the latest updates on E-Invoicing activities not only in the US: www.exchange-summit.com/reviews
- E-Rechnungs-Gipfel in Bonn, delivering a great Graphic Recording which illustrates the German E-Invoicing landscape: www.e-rechnungsgipfel.de/graphic-recording. With almost 300 people attending this has been the biggest E-Invoicing event in Germany since many years!

Inspired by this momentum and lots of good talks, I have now published the programme for the next Exchange Summit in Berlin. And I really would appreciate if you´d find some minutes to go through the topics and send me your feedback and suggestions. I have built the agenda on 4 topical pillars, which I feel are of great interest for the E-Invoicing community:

1 - Real-time VAT Controls / Clearance Models
2 - Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud and more
3 - Regulatory and Framework
4 - E-Invoicing put into Practice

You will find the agenda here: www.exchange-summit.com/agenda

Of course, not only because we are back in Berlin with the Exchange Summit after several years we will have a closer look at how German´s public sector is putting EU Directive 2014/55 into practice. Furthermore, I am in promising talks with experts from the Eurasian Economic Union (Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia...). There, very interesting activities are happening, building a "Virtual Data Warehouse" in order to link the virtual and physical world - with E-Invoicing playing an important role. Bruno Koch is mentioning this project in his latest report, if you haven´t read it yet, here you go: www.exchange-summit.com/market-report
Once these highlights are in the agenda, I will offer simultaneous interpretation for German and Russian speaking participants.

Let me know what you think and if you have any more suggestions I should consider for the agenda.
I really appreciate your involvement and hoping to see you in Berlin.

Best regards