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August 13, 2018

E-Invoicing Exchange Summit in Berlin: Will we still use invoices in 2030?

Will we still use invoices in 2030? Well, I don´t know, but it is worth taking a closer look at the idea behind this controversial question!

Along with the digitization of several business processes, E-Invoicing is being adopted at a fast pace in order for governments and companies to benefit from significant cost savings and to enhance compliance: around the globe governments mandate E-Invoicing for BtG and BtB, and real-time tax controls. This involves enormous challenges that need to be solved quickly by corporates and public sector.

Certainly, there is more than just transforming existing processes 1:1 from paper to digital: Digitization creates opportunities of re-thinking processes as we know them today! Imagine you do not have to send your B2B data from A to B, but you remain in the driver seat whilst controlling the usage of your shared data. OK, it will take some time to change the way we do business. But getting an idea what will be the next “big thing” is important. Therefore, I strongly recommend the visionary keynote presentation by Prof. Roman Beck from University of Copenhagen at the Exchange Summit 2018 in Berlin. To see the entire conference programme, visit www.exchange-summit.com/agenda

The Regional Highlights track shows the implementation status of e-invoicing in various countries like Italy, USA, Kazakhstan and takes a closer look on how Germany is putting EU Directive 2014/55 into practice. The Technology and Innovation track provides latest insights of Blockchain and digital legal identity solutions and how these impact AP/AR processes. Within the Best Practices track selected success stories from corporates and public sector will shed light on the latest experiences of practitioners.

You may expect many topical highlights at the next E-Invoicing Exchange Summit in Berlin on October 8-9, 2018. This year, we proudly present the most comprehensive and extensive programme ever, delivering lots of interesting new concepts, first-hand experiences and top-level networking opportunities with e-invoicing experts from all over the world. Here is a glimpse of what you may expect:

+ Clearance models and real-time tax reporting & mandates
+ Current status of the E-Invoicing mandate Italy
+ Will Blockchain reinvent the financial supply chain?
+ Paving the way towards a global legal digital identity
+ Successfully onboard suppliers to E-Invoicing in an international environment
+ Selecting an E-Invoice Standard for the U.S.
+ Why communication is key for convincing and implementing E-Invoicing in local governments

Explore the entire conference programme at www.exchange-summit.com/agenda
Moreover, you deep dive into two of the most relevant topics within the expert workshops “The Use of Crypto and Blockchain for E-Invoicing and Business” and “VAT Compliance V2.0”

If you are registered already: There are lots of new additions, check the latest version of the agenda here: www.exchange-summit.com/agenda.

If you are not yet registered: You have hardly 2 months left, so hurry up, check out the programme and save yourself a seat: www.exchange-summit.com/registernow

Best regards and see you in Berlin!


June 28, 2018

The first half of this year gave us the opportunity to run two very successful E-Invoicing events:

- Exchange Summit Americas in Miami, with the latest updates on E-Invoicing activities not only in the US: www.exchange-summit.com/reviews
- E-Rechnungs-Gipfel in Bonn, delivering a great Graphic Recording which illustrates the German E-Invoicing landscape: www.e-rechnungsgipfel.de/graphic-recording. With almost 300 people attending this has been the biggest E-Invoicing event in Germany since many years!

Inspired by this momentum and lots of good talks, I have now published the programme for the next Exchange Summit in Berlin. And I really would appreciate if you´d find some minutes to go through the topics and send me your feedback and suggestions. I have built the agenda on 4 topical pillars, which I feel are of great interest for the E-Invoicing community:

1 - Real-time VAT Controls / Clearance Models
2 - Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud and more
3 - Regulatory and Framework
4 - E-Invoicing put into Practice

You will find the agenda here: www.exchange-summit.com/agenda

Of course, not only because we are back in Berlin with the Exchange Summit after several years we will have a closer look at how German´s public sector is putting EU Directive 2014/55 into practice. Furthermore, I am in promising talks with experts from the Eurasian Economic Union (Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia...). There, very interesting activities are happening, building a "Virtual Data Warehouse" in order to link the virtual and physical world - with E-Invoicing playing an important role. Bruno Koch is mentioning this project in his latest report, if you haven´t read it yet, here you go: www.exchange-summit.com/market-report
Once these highlights are in the agenda, I will offer simultaneous interpretation for German and Russian speaking participants.

Let me know what you think and if you have any more suggestions I should consider for the agenda.
I really appreciate your involvement and hoping to see you in Berlin.

Best regards